About Christian Tedrow

Christian Tedrow is a driven professional who seeks out opportunities to help conserve wildlife conservation efforts. He resides in Winter Park, Florida, and has taught on and off at Valencia Community College in Orlando since 2006. Christian balances his professional career with his personal love of animals, which has led him to advocate for their protection and conservation within their natural habitats.

Christian is particularly interested in aiding the conservation of wild lions. He has always thought that they are beautiful and majestic creatures who are all too deserving of their “King of Beasts” moniker. One of his fondest memories is when he went to South Africa on his honeymoon years ago and did safaris in Tinga and Kruger National Park. During this time Christian was fortunate enough to see lions in the wild. Yet the sad truth is that we have lost 80 to 90 percent of Africa’s lions since 1975 — and now more than ever, we need to work to reverse this loss.

When it comes to animal conservation and nonprofit efforts, one of the biggest hurdles is simply raising awareness and education about the subject. Christian Tedrow believes that education is key for helping people understand and respect wild lions, as well as recognize that they are in serious danger today. Once people understand the challenges that they face, there are many ways to take action. For example, Christian contributes to The African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT), an organization which takes a strategic and multidisciplinary approach to conservation. Even just a few donated dollars can help make a difference, and contributors can feel great about funding important projects.

Even beyond fundraising, there are plenty of other ways to try to impact animal conservation efforts in today’s world. The phrase “knowledge is power” has never been so apt: if we all work to spread the word on not only how to help wild lions, but why we should do so, we have a better chance of inspiring others to contribute in their own ways. If we can better understand the ways that wild animals shape life in Africa and beyond (from biodiversity to environmental stability to tourism), we can better communicate their vitality to others.

This blog will focus on the importance of animal conservation efforts, particularly for wild lions in Africa. It will also cover ways to get involved in community or nonprofit work.