5 Benefits of Philanthropy for Volunteers

Image of two people's hands, holding one another in a supportive gesture, image used for Christian Tedrow blog about the benefits of philanthropy for volunteers

Philanthropy is something all of us should participate in, no matter what cause we hope to support. There’s an endless number of organizations out there that are desperate for volunteers. You can provide your time or money; either can go a long way with a nonprofit. Find a cause you’re passionate about and then choose a way to help them. While volunteering and supporting a charity is a great way to help out others, there are plenty of benefits you’ll receive as a volunteer as well.

Emotional lift

No matter how you do it, giving back to other people feels good, for you and the person you’re helping. When you’re making someone else’s life better, you’ll see that yours begins to improve as well. Dr. Stephen Post has spoken extensively about this occurrence, pointing out how science now backs up these theories that a philanthropist greatly benefits from charity as well. When you participate in philanthropy, in any way, you get a rush of feel-good chemicals to your brain that yield positive results.

Better health

Plenty of research has been done on the health benefits of philanthropy. While it’s proven you’ll feel better emotionally through charity, giving back always boosts your physical health. People who regularly engage in philanthropy, especially through volunteering, generally live longer lives. You’re less likely to experience high blood pressure, heart disease, or high levels of stress, among many other health benefits.

New relationships

One of the best parts of volunteering is the new connections you’ll form. You’ll get to meet people you’re helping and really see how you make a difference in their lives. By helping a philanthropy, you’ll also meet the people who work there and others who are passionate about the same causes as you. These connections can lead to enriching relationships, such as new friends or even business relationships that’ll benefit you in other areas of your life.

Job benefits

Like I mentioned above, you could meet people that’ll help you find a more rewarding job. You never know who you could meet while volunteering or helping out a philanthropy; maybe you’ll realize you actually want to officially work for that philanthropy yourself. Depending on what charity you’re supporting, you can also learn new skills that’ll help you in other areas of life, such as practical skills like work on homes or some other task you’re assisting a philanthropy with. Do not be afraid to try something new; if you’re volunteering your time, you’re certainly helping the organization out. Most charities train new volunteers, so you’ll be able to learn about a skill if you don’t already have it.

Become a better person

Simply by spending time with those in need will help you become a better person all around. You’ll feel more fulfilled and understand the value of helping others. If you work on cultivating a philanthropic mindset, you’ll carry that over into all areas of your life. Learning to help others and not focus entirely on yourself is a valuable trait that far too few people possess.