Rhino face standing in a field of grass with another rhino, image used for christian tedrow blog on methods for ending poaching

6 Ways People are Trying to End Poaching

  In the last several years, the issue of wildlife poaching has dramatically increased. Instability and war in certain areas has led to poachers having easier access to endangered animals and also created groups, such as militias, looking to profit from the lucrative trade. Certain animals can bring in tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars for poachers; the… Read more →

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7 Great Netflix Documentaries on Conservation

Netflix is known for its great documentaries; no matter what topic you’re looking for, you can be sure to find at least one documentary on Netflix about it. Conservation is an important topic that more people should take time to educate themselves about. Luckily, there are plenty of documentaries on Netflix focused on the topic of conservation. If you have… Read more →

Man holding out a stack of twenty bills while standing on the sidewalk, used for Christian Tedrow blog on how to make smart choices with your donations

How to Be Smart with Your Donations

Every year it is estimated that roughly over $300 billion dollars are donated to various charities by citizens looking to make a difference within the United States. We are driven by a need to help others and it doesn’t take much to be convinced that a charity or cause needs our help. There are thousands of organizations to choose from… Read more →

Large male lion sitting on top of a rock surrounded by green plants, image for christian tedrow blog on lions and endangered

What’s Happening to Lions?

Lions are one of the most majestic creatures on this planet. Many people recognize their beauty and would travel to another country in order to see them in the wild. However, lions are currently at a serious risk of becoming extinct. It was only in 2015 that lions were listed as endangered, but some experts estimate that they could go… Read more →

Mountain lion cougar reclining with its mouth open, image used for Christian Tedrow blog about mountain lions

Let’s Talk About Mountain Lions

Mountain lions also go by various other names, such as cougar, puma, or catamount. You can find them throughout North and South America and they are the second-heaviest cat in the world. While mountain lions are very large, they are also closely related to domestic cats. However, do not let this family connection fool you; mountain lions can be deadly.… Read more →

Beautiful landscape of mountains soaring above trees and a lake with light streaking down through the clouds

Raising Conservation Awareness

As people and businesses go about their daily activities, environmental conservation is often the last thing on their minds. People buy products with excess packaging, use water carelessly, and damage the habitats of wild animals by improperly disposing of trash. Reminding people and business owners that conservation is a vital activity can be challenging, but the benefits can spread to… Read more →

Small monkey sitting in a tree, image used for Christian Tedrow blog on how to help out endangered species

5 Ways You Can Help Out Endangered Species

No matter where you live, your country has many endangered species. The United States alone has over 1,000 plants and animals listed as endangered. While there are plenty of other serious issues in the world today, it’s important to work toward conserving the plants and animals we still have. Biodiversity is what keeps the environment healthy and if we ignore… Read more →